Socks Revived Design Contest Winners!

by exercisebeforeknitting

Voting has officially ended in the Socks Revived Design Contest! At long last, I can conclude this design contest and share with you the lovely prize baskets. Moving from Kansas to Ohio a few weeks ago, we packed two adults, two kids, two aging dogs, the mortgage papers, the kids’ vaccination records, and contest prize yarn into a tiny car. I know you would have done the same; after all, fancy yarn is important!

As all of the judges will attest, picking winners was quite challenging because there were so many terrific patterns from which to choose. I had hoped that a large panel of judges would result in a little something for everyone: easy, hard, simple, complex, mindless, and anything but. Happily, the winning patterns do indeed reflect the diversity of sock interest on the panel. I hope you will see work you like too! It is my pleasure to announce the five winners in order of the number of votes received followed by the beautiful prizes the contest sponsors generously donated. Each winner will receive yarn for three pairs of socks, a gift certificate for yarn for another pair, a Wee Lil’ Pouch from Splityarn, either a circular or DPN set in sock sizes, and tasty baked goods from me. I would like to add that I stalked the winners’ Ravelry pages for their color preferences when divvying up the yarn into five equal prize baskets; that is, I made no value judgments in deciding which yarns went to whom, only color judgments. Without further ado, here are the five winning designers and their patterns:

Congratulations to the winners! I wish to thank all entrants, judges, and sponsors for contributing your time and efforts. All participants will receive a free copy of the goofy little sock pattern I designed for the contest, Culture Socks, which can also be found on Ravelry for those of you who did not participate in the design contest. I hope you like it. More importantly, I hope you feel this was a valuable experience.
Culture Socks
This contest could not have come about without the generous support of the following sponsors. Please thank them for their contributions! Now, let’s go queue and knit some socks, shall we?