The kindness of knitters

Thank you so much for all of your many kind comments, notes, and emails! It is wonderful of you to share in our excitement about little Odysseus. The last few weeks have been great fun, if a bit tiring. I intend to be back and running by the end of the week because I have lots to show you! As it turns out, feeding a baby in the middle of the night makes for great knitting time. Indeed, knitting is a good way to keep myself awake long enough for the little guy to have his early morning snack.

If you slept more at night,

Before I tell you what I’ve been knitting, let me show you what everyone else has been making. For weeks, the Exercise Before Knitting household has been flooded with lovely handmade welcome gifts for Odysseus and big sister presents for Beatrix. Aaron and I are both stunned by and grateful for the kindness of knitters. You are good people.

Kathy made this beautiful striped raglan with Shibui sock yarn just before O was born. He is not quite big enough for it yet, but since he is quickly outgrowing his newborn sweaters, it will not be long before he can wear it. I love the stripes! And the blue buttons!

Baby knits!

And then, he arrived and she sent another sweater! A vest, actually – the Archie vest – made with Madelinetosh and Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. It is so adorable that I wish he could wear it forever.

The little old man

Diana knitted the little nipper the cutest little bonnet. I took this picture weeks ago and his cheeks have since filled out the sides of the bonnet!! Our little guy is quite the chubby baby these days!

Sweet baby bonnet

My local knitters from Knit Lawrence have been busy too! Dee Anna whipped up some soft, Kanoko Pants (Ravelry link) for his big cloth diapered butt out of some Queensland Kathmandu Tweed I’m pretty sure I talked her into buying a few years back. See, Dee Anna? It wasn’t enabling, it was foresight!

Longies by Dee Anna

Sally resurrected and rewrote a vintage pattern, creating a beautiful, warm, zipped baby bunting out of Lanaloft that will be useful both this winter and next. I would love to know what magical substance she knitted into it because Odysseus falls asleep the moment I pop him in.

Sally's magic baby bunting

For example, when I tried to take a picture of him in it, I put him down on the sofa. He’s out. It’s magic. Sally, you should bottle this and sell it for a mint!

Sally's magic baby bunting

Danielle started by test knitting Pam’s Elf Slipper pattern (Ravelry link) in a child size for Beatrix. Then, she got carried away and made a matching stocking cap! Beatrix is, as you can clearly see, dressed here as a big sister elf princess. What? Never heard of one? I guess you have not traveled to the North Pole where big sister elf princesses live…

Elf princess

The elf slippers are so popular that we had to impose rules governing their use: no wearing them outside, no running in them, no playing basketball in them. It is hard to be three.

Danielle also made Odysseus a sweet baby bonnet and a kimono sweater, complete with Peter Rabbit buttons! He wears this a lot because it is so easy to get on and off.

Made by Danielle

Finally, a box from Larissa arrived yesterday with an absolutely gorgeous baby quilt and several burp cloths. Isn’t that striped binding beautiful? I am in love with it.

The quilt that Larissa made for O

I actually had a hard time getting pictures of the burp cloths because they went into immediate circulation and were, well, a little dirty. This was the only clean one remaining! They are really lovely, useful cloths from a mom who would know.

Burp cloths by Larissa

The little man made great use of his new quilt, rolling over for the first time (to his great displeasure) the moment I pulled out my camera.

The quilt that Larissa made for O

Thank you, all of you, from the four of us. We are not worthy of such outstanding handiwork. Your affection, kindness, and generosity mean a lot to us!