Monkey’s Dress

by exercisebeforeknitting

With less than a day left before the exam, I thought I’d take a quick break from practice tests to pop in to say hello. And thank you, for providing me with plenty of quick diversions by blogging and posting your lovely photos on Flickr and on Ravelry. Whenever I need a short break, I stop and read some blogs, see out what my contacts are up to on Flickr and check email.

I have so many unblogged projects (mostly things I finished in late spring or early summer) to show you that I will probably have to break them up into several posts. Let’s start with kid sewing, shall we?

New Look 6688, Size 3

Pattern: New Look 6688, size 3

Made for gimmesanity’s Monkey, a brand new big sister.

This is one of my favorite patterns ever. You may recall that I used this same pattern for Celeste’s sundress last fall. I also made Beatrix a dress with this pattern last summer; however, she outgrew the dress before I could photograph it. In any case, I thought it would be nice for the big sister to get something special (other than, of course, a new sibling!) And what kid does not love to twirl?

The only significant modification I made to the pattern was to omit the side zipper. This pattern calls for an invisible side zipper that stops short of the underarm. I’ve placed the zipper in the past but it does not add anything to the garment, in my opinion, so I skipped it.

For the new baby, I made a quick pair of booties and a stack of square flannel wipes. I made stacks and stacks of these before Beatrix was born and we still use them every day. I pulled out my stash of flannel and sewed up some more wipes for the new babe.

Baby booties and flannel wipes

Finally, back in early June I made another light dress for Beatrix.

My favorite dress

Pattern: Butterick 3782 just like the blue daisy dress I made a few months ago. I actually sewed the two dresses at the same time but this one seemed to be in the wash whenever I had a chance to photograph it. I managed to bribe Beatrix to sit still long enough to take the pictures. The bribe? A steady stream of dog kisses. Ew.

Fabric: American Jane Wee Play Ovals by Moda

While I normally use doublefold bias tape to hide my unsightly neckline and armhole seams, I decided to try using singlefold bias tape as facing. I couldn’t be happier with the result! I dislike messing with linings and facings on summer dresses for a growing toddler so tape facings effectively clean up the edges without much extra work. To cotton purists, I’ve learned, using pre-fab tape is like lining your knits with a wool/acrylic blend; however, at the rate B is growing, the fiber content of the facings will not matter much.

Speaking of Beatrix, look who is developing some attitude! And right on time too, with her second birthday only a week away.


That’s all for kid sewing. There will be some quilting, some adult sewing and sock knitting coming your way after the MCAT. Until then, wish me luck.