A decision

by exercisebeforeknitting

Thanks for all of your input on the size I should choose for Aaron’s sweater! What a dilemma. After listening to the pros and cons of each size, Aaron assured me that he will wear any size I make. I agree with many of you that meeting halfway is probably fair enough so I cast on for the 41″ size.
the endless aran

I really enjoy the knitting; however, my knitting time has been all but replaced by a looming MCAT test date of August 7th.
My life sucks right now.

I’m worried. Mostly because our childcare is going to be limited in July, we’re traveling to Cincinnati this weekend and Aaron has some big projects due at the end of the month. And because I scored low on the physics sections of my last two practice tests. Help! It looks like I will be working through a lot of physics problems in the next five weeks. I really want to score well enough to not have to retake the exam. Is that too much to ask?