FO: Yoked Lace Baby Jacket

by exercisebeforeknitting

I know it’s been weeks since I checked in but I’ve been terribly distracted by spring and all the hope it brings. I am giddy, full of ideas and furiously planning for the summer. Furthermore, my knitting has not excited me much so I’ve had little blogging to do. The end of winter absolves me of my nagging guilt over not knitting anything for Beatrix this year; instead, I am now liberated to knit her a few sweaters for next winter.


Pattern: DROPS Design b13-18 Jacket

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Bulldog Blue

Needles: US 4

Modifications: I omitted the crochet edgings on the collar and cuffs.


I wanted a navy sweater but I regret that the color quite obscures the pattern. I’ll know better next time. The photos below are more accurate representations of the color.



In the end, it’s a sweet little sweater that will see a great deal of use but it was not very interesting to knit. With one sweater down, I’m off to make two more for toddler Beatrix, both from Phildar’s Tricotez Calin (no 470):

from Phildar Tricotez Calin No 470

from Phildar Tricotez Calin No 470

Tune in next week for more complete updates!