FO: 3×1 Garter Rib Socks and Sock Stash Guilt

by exercisebeforeknitting

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my vest! I also appreciate the wise knitters who pointed out that Beaverslide should not sit in a closet and that I should rip the raglan. I know you’re right. After all, if our positions were reversed, that’s exactly what I’d be telling you to do. In fact, I think I told Liz K just last week that she should rip rather than settle for a too-long sweater with a perfect tubular cast on. If spring were not just around the corner, I would be ripping away. Instead, I will let my sweater alone until next fall when I could really use 900 yards of Beaverslide.

In the meantime, I can show off another pair of dull socks. These might be my favorite every day socks yet, if hopelessly dull to knit.

Koigu KPM 3x1 Garter Rib Socks

Yarn: Koigu KPM in 2343

Pattern: 3×1 Garter Rib with Calf Shaping

Needles: US 1 1/2 and 0

Koigu KPM 3x1 Garter Rib Socks

This was the first time I’ve ever used Koigu (much to my amazement) and I definitely think it is worth every penny, even if the yardage is CRAP. Fortunately, Julieknits at Ravelry had half a skein of this color that she generously sent me because, as I may have mentioned before, Koigu’s yardage is crap. I actually finished these with less than 12 inches of yarn. I used Julie’s yarn to reinforce the heels. I’m stunned that I almost ran out. I have tiny feet and these legs do not strike me as particularly long. What’s a girl with even average sized feet to do? That would be an expensive pair of 3-skeined socks!

Koigu KPM 3x1 Garter Rib Socks

I experimented with some calf shaping by dropping down to a size 0 needle for the lower part of the leg. The rest of the sock was knit on size 1.5 needles.

You can tell that I’ve been doing a lot of studying lately because I’m just cranking out easy socks. Here is the first of another pair of 3×1 garter rib socks in Shibui Knits Sock, although this time I used decreases for the calf shaping. Glenna has also been testing out methods to get the perfect, slouch-free sock. You should check out the cool knee socks she just finished. I used to think that I couldn’t last through knitting knee socks but I suspect with the right yarn, it would be possible.

Shibui Knits 3x1 Garter Rib Socks in Bark

After I knit the first pair, I really wanted to go buy more Koigu. It makes such a nice sock in spite of the yardage. Nevertheless, I simply cannot bring myself to buy more because of the sock yarn I have in stash. I tried adding it up in my head and I came up with enough yarn for 9 pairs. That seemed like a lot until I tracked it all down. Try 21 pairs. And some of it is really, really nice too! I decided that it would be an appropriate exercise in self-discipline to knit what I have, if only to punish myself for buying icky yarn (hi, Knit Picks Essential) just because it was cheap. So here you have my 21 potential pairs, although I cheated a bit and included the Froehlich I just used up because it was so old and I was so proud of myself for getting rid of it. I hope chip away at this until at least all of the Knit Picks is gone so that I can buy nice yarn guilt-free. In the meantime, I will be living vicariously through Megan and her twelve lovely single socks.

*ahem* Revised sock stash. Let's be completely honest now: that's 21 pairs of socks...