FO: Striped Stashbuster Socks

by exercisebeforeknitting

While I finished knitting the Ivy League Vest last weekend, it still has a million ends to weave in. I hope to finish it up this weekend so you’ll see pictures next week of the blocked version. In the meantime, remember how I was bemoaning the lack of easy, mindless, on-the-go projects? The real reason I never have fast, easy projects around is that since said projects are fast and easy, they fly off the needles!

Leftover Socks

Pattern: 64-stitch stockinette sock with K2P2 rib

Yarn: Froehlich Special Blauband (sadly discontinued several years ago)

Needles: US 1 1/2

Leftover Socks

I’ve had two skeins of this sock yarn stewing in stash for a few years! I decided that I really shouldn’t dig into my nice sock yarn stash for a plain stockinette project so I paired these two together, for better or worse. I’m quite satisfied with the result! Initially, I followed Meg Swansen’s “jogless join” method (tutorial from here) to keep the join clean. You can see the unimpressive results below.


It’s not bad but I felt sure I could do better by carrying the unused yarn up the seam the way one might in a color work project.


For my taste, that’s much better! There’s a bit of a jog but at least no bulky seam of loose stitches from the k2togs. I couldn’t find a good tutorial for carrying the yarn up the seam – does anyone out there have one? If not, I’ll post one sometime soon.