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Month: November, 2007

Why Seaming Isn’t So Bad

221 stitches on US 3 needles? I never knew my torso was so interminably long! I’m at 27 cm with another 11 cm to go before the armholes.

DROPS 88-4 Cardigan

The pattern is DROPS 88-4 Cardigan knit in Queensland Kathmandu DK Tweed.

DROPS 88-4 Cardigan

Knowing that I would quickly lose my knitting mojo on the body, I knit the sleeves first hoping that having “only the body left” would help me finish. The cabled rib sections are knit on US 3 needles, the stockinette sections on US 6. The ribbing on the sleeves took more time than the entire rest of the arms so I know that as soon as I get to 38 cm, this project will fly off the needles. Until then, I will slog along.

DROPS 88-4 Cardigan

While I complain that this is a slow, slow knit, I’ve actually made amazing time on it since I knit the entire Thanksgiving break. I started this 8 days ago and the body 6 days ago. Perhaps I’ll have a finished sweater over the weekend.


I took a break Monday to swatch Bryant’s Slipover Vest in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport as a possible knit for my cousin Ida.


The stitch pattern looks different at different distances. I put it in the mail this morning to get her opinion. More on that project in the coming weeks.


Maybe a new project

I know I have some other projects in need of finishing but I bought this yarn (Queensland Kathmandu DK Tweed) at a WEBS clearance sale in early November. Actually, I bought a lot of it. More on that later.

Happy Thanksgiving!

FO: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady


Pattern: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

Yarn: The Knittery’s Merino Cashmere Sock in “Geranium”

Modifications: I ripped off Kristy’s modifications to make these regular socks instead of knee socks. I also only used rows 1-4 of the 5-row pattern. Kristy’s socks inspired me to cast on a pair. This pattern didn’t jump out at me when I leafed through the book; however, the pretty versions of this out there in blogland are quite compelling.


The pattern called for 20 chain stitches on the heel flap which struck me as a bit excessive. I usually use 16 and now I wish I’d followed the advice of the sage Ms. Bush. I probably won’t wear these socks with shoes that will rub against that lace at the heel. No matter, that still leaves plenty of shoe possibilities!


Way back in September, I cast on for this bolero by DROPS Design. It was a surprisingly fast knit, although the ribbing took as long as the rest of the garment. It has been nearly done for about six weeks. What remains? Some surgery.


Full report next week! For now, you’ll have to live with a meme. I’ve been tagged by Glenna and Jenna

My Mission: A Second Sock


The wonderful Stella knit me a Drunken Bee with BMFA Socks That Rock in “Pond Scum” (isn’t that a great name?) This is a much more accurate representation of the true color of Pond Scum. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it on domesticrafts earlier this summer.


Isn’t it just gorgeous? *gush* I can’t wait to start in on the second one! Speaking of which, I seem to have lost every US 1 circular needle and DPN I’ve ever owned (no small number). I’ll cast on for #2 as soon as I buy find the requisite needles!

As if this beauty weren’t enough, Stella also sent along a coveted misocrafty bag and some SOAK*!


Thanks so much, Stella!!

*When I opened this package, it occurred to me that SOAK packets look a lot like GU energy gel. I will be sure to keep the SOAK in the laundry room and the GU in the kitchen…

FO: No Slouch Socks


Yarn: Fleece Artist Sea Wool from weaverknits

The pattern is so simple that it’s hardly worth writing up. Nevertheless, here it is if you like. I’ve always had trouble keeping hand knit socks from slouching; thus, a slouch-less sock was the goal for this pair. I selected this stitch pattern because cable ribs are notoriously rigid.


The yarn choice couldn’t be better. I wish I could knit an entire wardrobe out of Sea Wool. It’s unlike any yarn I’ve ever used and I am certainly a convert. The yarn content is 70% merino wool/30% SeaCell. The SeaCell makes the yarn extra soft and shiny. Sea Wool has its drawbacks, however: the yardage (350 m) may not accommodate larger feet, it’s a bit expensive ($25/pair) and some of the colors are a bit, um, what’s the word… ugly? Not to worry, Fleece Artist offers a handful of very nice semi-solid colors too.


Stay tuned for some socks inspired by Kristy and a meme (I haven’t forgotten, I promise!)