FO: A Sun Dress for Celeste

by exercisebeforeknitting


Pattern: New Look #6688

Fabric: Chocolate Lollipop in the “Tan Sweet Swirls” print


One of B’s little friends just marked her first birthday. Since I don’t know how to do sleeves yet, winter apparel was, sadly, not an option. Instead, I made her a sweet little sun dress for next summer. She has the most darling chestnut hair and dark eyes so I went looking for a pretty brown print that would complement them. Brown isn’t a color one typically sees on babies so I thought it would be especially interesting in a very twirly little dress. I absolutely adore this pattern but it would be overkill in a traditionally girly print. I hope her parents will agree.


I was initially intimidated by the lining but actually, lining this made the edges so much cleaner. I will be lining everything from now on! More pictures over at Flickr.