Kansas City Half Marathon 2007

by exercisebeforeknitting


I finished my first half marathon in 2:23! My goal was to finish before the marathon winner lapped me and although it was close, I made it with seven minutes to spare. I actually ran a 10:00/mile pace but a few bathroom stops along the way slowed me down. It was a really fun race and even though the thought of running it made me ill all last week, I’m contemplating another one in November. Is that crazy, Sharon?

Exercise before knitting, right? The Sunrise Circle took days to block but there are no pictures yet because I haven’t managed to get light, the photographer and the sweater in the same room at the same time. I’ll try for this week.


I cast on last week for the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan from Lace Style (Ravelry link here) using some Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Chuck Berry that I bought on a cone from my LYS. I swatched this months ago using some leftover Nature Spun Sport from my Winter Sunrise hat and the gauge matched perfectly. Nature Spun Sport is one of my favorite yarns and considerably less expensive than the Louet Gems Opal the pattern recommends. This is not a color I would normally choose on my own; however, when I asked several clerks for their opinions of the light pink I had originally chosen, one suggested the pattern and color combination would be “very white, suburban, Republican housewife”. Needless to say, I selected a different color.


I’m hopelessly behind on comments and blog feeds but I hope to catch up when you all get back from Rhinebeck (I’m so jealous).