Catching Up!

by exercisebeforeknitting

Thanks for your positive comments about the new design and the new pattern! It’s good to be back. It’s been a busy month chez ExerciseBeforeKnitting and I’ve missed all of my blog friends quite a bit! Fortunately, I was able to meet up with one of those bloggers in real life last weekend! Aaron, Beatrix and I were in Portland for a family event and staying on the same block as Knit/Purl so I met Christy there for some great stash expansion and terrible photo-taking. We had a great time and we both came home with some Shi Bui sock yarn and cheap Rowan Kid Classic.


I have three or four scarves made out of Kid Classic so I thought I’d add to the color range with some red. Every summer for the last few years, my LYS has sold this for cheap at a sidewalk sale and I’ve made scarves with it. I don’t believe I could ever stand a sweater made partly of mohair but it does make a light but very warm scarf.


Since my Sunrise Circle was almost done when I left for Portland, I threw a new project in my bag so that I wouldn’t have to carry around a huge, bulky sweater. It was the most rational thing to do, really! I cast on for DROPS Jacket No. 91-8 with some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Coal. Because I couldn’t quite make the stitch gauge, I imagine my jacket will overlap in front a bit but I’m fine with that. I’ll probably buy a nice pin to tack it closed. I now have the fronts, the back and one sleeve done with another sleeve and lots of border ribbing to go. And then there’s the seaming on the Sunrise Circle…


That’s a big pile of pieces in need of seaming. *sigh* These days, it’s easy to work in knitting time while studying but finishing requires my full attention so it will have to wait!