Warrior Baby

by exercisebeforeknitting

I wonder if all that prenatal yoga paid off? Doesn’t this look like the warrior pose?

I can’t resist posting this one because I think it’s so funny to see this little baby head popping out of the cavernous hole that is our kitchen sink*.

What’s with all the baby pictures? You guessed it, there’s little knitting to report – only a super lame FO and a really cool garage sale find.

Yarn: Regia Cotton India, who knows what colorway
Pattern: 60-stitch, stockinette socks with about 4″ of ribbing.

In the photo, one looks longer than the other but they’re the same size in real life. These socks will go to my mom. Like I said earlier, I’m not so fond of the colorway but I did buy two skeins of Regia cotton to make socks for my mom so that’s all there is to say. I’m tempted to cast on for the second pair soon just to get them done.

Next up, my $0.25 garage sale baby quilt. It’s certainly a scrap quilt (and a tied one at that) but I couldn’t resist it. It’s light and soft and it’s the kind of blanket that I would want if I were a baby.

* Concrete countertops look cool in magazines but let’s not talk about what they’re like to live with…