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Month: June, 2007

FO: Grapefruit Socks

Pattern: Basic Stockinette with short-row heel and wedge toe (CO 64 sts)
Yarn: Woolarina Superwash Sock yarn in Grapefruit colorway

These socks will be packed up this evening and shipped off to Ann, who graciously traded me some beautiful Sea Wool and Lang Jacquard for them! So much for a stash buster project! Ann, I hope these fit!!!

For weeks, I’ve been meaning to blog about the beautiful stitch markers that my sister-in-law, Xan, made for me. Aren’t they pretty? Jewelry for my knitting needles!!! She’s so talented. She can knit, crochet, sew, quilt, tile a bathroom floor… I just checked out some good baby knits books from the library so I plan on using these in a baby project that will debut soon. I must finish my socks first!

Speaking of socks, I’ve finished the first of my mom’s Regia cotton socks, although I had to rip and reknit the toe once because I measured incorrectly. These socks are just OK in my book. Their overwhelming comfort makes up for the white ply (I assume that’s the cotton part of the Regia blend) that makes them look a bit funny!

I do like how the striping worked out at the toe, don’t you?

The crochet project is coming along quite well. I’m adding about one color strip a day so at this rate, it will take me all summer but that’s just fine with me. Afghans aren’t very portable projects anyway so this will be my at-home project.

After my last post, Maryse reminded me that there’s no reason to apologize for crochet. She’s right, of course. I know I’ll get some heat for saying it but I strongly associate crochet with tacky, acrylic (insert household item here) covers that one sees at local craft fairs. It’s because my grandmother used to have crocheted toilet paper roll covers in all of her vacation rentals. As if covering a roll of TP makes it look like anything other than what it is… So if I’m down on crochet, it’s because of the toilet paper rolls.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a preview of other crafty projects in the queue this summer:


The Perfect Stashbuster

With an organic chemistry exam (they just keep coming) this evening, I’ve made lots of progress on my study sock and as soon as I weave in ends on Ann’s socks, they’ll be ready to send. Unfortunately, this is the only progress picture I have for you today.

I can’t believe I’m crocheting. *sigh* I assure you hard core knitters that this crochet is a temporary break from the usual sock knitting! I have a few small baby knits in my queue so maybe I’ll start those as soon as all of these gift socks are done!

Crochet: The Abyss

I’m shocked that it’s been two weeks since my last blog post! I’ve been collecting little bits here and there but I haven’t had any knitting content worth mentioning!

First up, you really must go check out this really cool free sock pattern. It’s a great pattern on its own but the designer? Another Elinor. And she spells it correctly. Not like the manufacturer of Sarah’s shoes, which are still cool because they’re called ‘Eleanor’, but not as cool as if they’d been called ‘Elinor’.

Speaking of shoes, check out what Johanna’s been making! I’m definitely going to put in an order for a pair for Beatrix! Where does that mama find the time? I am thoroughly impressed!

For those of you interested in the Woolarina sock yarn I used for my Orchid socks, you should go see Jennie’s current WIP with another colorway of Woolarina. She’s struggling with the sock heel but the yarn is just beautiful!! I hope Woolarina puts up more yarn soon!

I’m afraid that I’ve been teetering on the abyss of crochet. (runs around in circles screaming) All thanks to Maryse and her stinkin’ Soft Waves Ripple Afghan. You see, I have this huge “stash”. I use the term tentatively because I’m referring to partial skeins and leftovers from other projects, which I know many of you refuse to call “stash” (denial must be nice…) Leftovers aside, my stash is tiny compared to some of the ones I’ve been seeing on Ravelry (I’m lookin’ at you JulieFrick!). Nevertheless, I would love to use up my remnants and since I’m not likely to finish any knitted blanket, I thought I’d try to crochet one.

The first problem? I don’t know how to crochet. Maryse gave me the rundown on exactly what crochet stitches I’d need to learn and blogless Camille from my knitting group got me started. I’ve already used up about 5 oz of Cotton Ease remnants making washcloths! I’ve been giving them away as I crochet them so you don’t get any pictures of my wonky “squares”.

The second problem? The pattern is from a book that my library doesn’t have and I’m just not going to buy a book for ONE pattern. While there are 200 stitch patterns in this book, I thought I’d take my chances on Amazon to see if the book had an excerpt. It does and guess what? The excerpt includes the pattern I want! This just goes to show that you should ALWAYS ‘Look Inside This Book’!

I’m planning to make the blanket baby sized and use up lots of Wool of the Andes, Cascade 220 and misc worsted weight wool. I might buy a few more WoTA skeins to balance the colors out but not until I get started! No need to add to stash for a stash buster, right?

Next up, I’m going to have to come clean with you about what I’ve done with my Grapefruit socks:

Let’s just say that there will not be a sock giveaway, although I promise to hold another giveaway (with a good prize) in place of the socks. I am weak. Ann offered to trade me some Sea Wool for my socks and I took her up on it. Please don’t hate me (didn’t I tell you I was weak?) Besides, you know you would have done the same…

Because Ann is too cool for words, she also threw in some Lang Jawoll for fun! I’m hoping to finish up Ann’s socks this week so I can liberate my size 1 circular so I can continue knitting this pair for my aunt. I can’t remember the name of the pattern just now but it’s a 4-stitch cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Even so, I need some stockinette socks to knit while studying! Studying is the only way I’m getting in any knitting these days. This is my new study sock! It’s Regia Cotton India. I’m knitting these for my mom who claims to be allergic to wool (I have my doubts about this but I’m compromising).

The knitting is really taking a back seat to organic chemistry and exercise!! I really must carve out some knitting (dare I say ‘crochet’ too?) time soon! I’ve been running 3 days a week with my friend’s running program, playing soccer 2 days a week, taking exercise classes 3 days a week and getting up for Dog Days, a community exercise program 2 times a week. Since there aren’t 10 days in a week, that means exercise twice a day most days of the week. It’s been a lot of fun but it doesn’t leave much room for knitting. Summer is for getting outside so don’t expect prolific knitting in the next few months! I know you’re all outside too!