FO: Craftaholic Orchid Socks

by exercisebeforeknitting

Pattern: Craftaholic’s Orchid Sock pattern
Yarn: Woolarina Superwash Sock
Needles: US 2 for the first 4 inches, then US 1
Modifications: This is a toe-up pattern but I knit it top down, without reversing the row order. Also, I only used the lace pattern on the front, with extended ribbing followed by stockinette stitch in the back.
Here is a view of the back. The extra ribbing and stockinette in back was inspired by Nancy Bush’s Canal du Midi pattern that I knit up in April.

One thing that I love about these socks is the striping on the bottoms of the feet.

I really can’t say enough about this yarn. It felt like soft Koigu with similar twist. I love the striping too, although it only striped when I knit on US 1s, pooling a bit on US 2s. Since these are for me, I’ll be able to give you a review of how the yarn wears later this year – a bonus!

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