Orchid Socks and Upcoming Blog Contest for Grapefruit Socks

by exercisebeforeknitting

The good: Orchid Socks are knitting up beautifully and I really love this colorway from Woolarina.

The bad: Studying for final exams and finishing up a directed readings paper is really chewing up my knitting time this week.

The ugly: OK, so some of you don’t think the Grapefruit Socks are all that ugly but I do. The last straw came when Aaron referred to them as my Ronald McDonald socks. I’ve decided that these socks and my wardrobe will never coexist peacefully so I’ve decided to have a blog contest and give them away. I’ll finish the length to the winner’s foot measurements (provided your feet aren’t bigger than a women’s US 10 so I don’t run out of yarn). I’ll post contest details in the next two weeks, when I’m closer to finishing the pair. Stay tuned.