Woolarina Grapefruit Socks and Knit Picks Catalogs

by exercisebeforeknitting

Have you ever landed on someone’s blog and thought, “Oh man, what was that blogger thinking?” Well, I’m that blogger this week ! I know some people like this kind of project but for all of you out there who are cringing, I’m right there with you. Give me solid sock yarn any day. Nevertheless, I am interested in how the striping is turning out. I used a short-row heel and knit the heel from the other end of the ball in an attempt to maintain the established striping pattern.

There has been a little surprise with this yarn. Do you see the inch of green? It was difficult to photograph but rest assured, there is an inch of green thrown in. I don’t mind too much, since my expectations of the project in general are rather low. Perhaps that will be how I’ll tell right from left?

You can really see the pooling capabilities of this yarn in the cake, now that I’ve used up quite a bit.

I just received the new Knit Picks catalog this week. Am I the only one that thinks the modeled sweaters in their catalogs look like droopy potato sacks? And some of the sock patterns they feature? *shaking head* KP sells some great yarns but I think they need to hire better marketing folks. Or at least, marketing folks who are at the same time skilled knitters. You can find far superior examples of Knit Picks yarn in action on Flickr and frankly, that’s just sad. They should be able to put out a catalog superior to a Lion Brand one, don’t you think? Well, that’s what I think.