Pooling Grapefruit Socks

by exercisebeforeknitting

Here is what remained of the sock yarn for my in-laws’ socks. Four socks and this is all the yarn I have left. You can see why I was worried about not making it!!

My Grapefruit Socks are definitely pooling in spite of knitting with two skeins, as Stacey predicted. Surprisingly, I don’t hate them. Not yet, at least. And really, what do I care anyhow? These socks are getting me through through exams! Their intended purpose is not to sit in my bag looking pretty. I must remember that.

In other news, a few weeks back, I realized that there was a mistake with the Secret Pal 10 swap and I had two spoilers! Well, Christine ended up getting reassigned but she sent me stuff too! Some coffee, some of her own hand-dyed wool in an absolutely beautiful blue and personalized stitch markers!

Can you see those stitch markers? She used pictures of me and Beatrix from my Flickr account!!! That is so cool. I wonder how she did it? I will definitely treasure these stitch markers! I should put them to use in upcoming baby knits too! How sweet is that lady? You should all stop by her blog and see that kid of hers! He’s such a cutie with all that great hair!!!

Thanks, Christine!!!