Child’s First Sock Progress

by exercisebeforeknitting

Yay! Baby Gleek arrived! Go stop by and see the little wee one!

I was able to capture some better photos of my Child’s First Sock from Nancy Bush’s Vintage Socks book. I’m almost done with the first one but my knitting will be slowing down this month since I have a big Organic Chemistry exam and four of my comprehensive exams on April 6th. April 5th is going to be a rough day, I suspect. *sigh* There will be so much celebratory knitting on April 7th, let me tell you!

Anyway, have some sock photos!

Do you see that cool striping on the heel flap? It was virtually impossible to photograph but it’s there! Between me and Stacey, there are going to be some colorful CFSs out there!

I encourage you to stop by Theresa’s blog, where she’s holding a contest in search of manly sock yarn and manly patterns. Someone needs to write a book of really good manly sock patterns that are actually interesting for the knitter to work on! I have two pairs of manly socks languishing in the UFO pile, mainly because they bored me to tears. I really ought to finish the blue pair. I am only inches away from finishing the second sock but two significant problems have arisen, one physical and one motivational. Aaron expressed doubt about the pointy toe and its suitability for what I would consider his pointy feet. I’m afraid that the 10 sts/inch gauge began to matter once the knitting mojo was compromised by said toe. Alas! The curse of manly knitting: utter boredom.