Mindless Stockinette Knitting

by exercisebeforeknitting

Sorry, folks! This is all I have for you this week. No yarn reviews, no pretty socks, just plain stockinette knitting and lots of it!

I received a few skeins of the new Cotton-Ease and decided to test it out. I think it’s the same as the old stuff but it seems like it’s spun a bit more loosely. I intend to pull out some stash Cotton-Ease for comparison.

I appreciate all of your comments about future baby sweater sizing for said bean pole. All of this stockinette is for a couple of long, skinny sweaters for next winter. Christine pointed out that sweaters stretch horizontally but not vertically so it wouldn’t hurt to add length.

Lastly, I ought to announce that I won! I won! I’ve never won anything before so I’m pretty excited about winning Pepperknit‘s blogiversary contest!