Baby Sewing – No New Knitting

by exercisebeforeknitting

While there’s not much knitting getting done here, I have made a little progress on a project that’s been sitting around for a few months. As I’ve mentioned before, we use cloth diapers. Lots of cloth diapers.
When I was pregnant, I made about 200 flannel wipes by sewing two 9″x9″ squares of flannel together. The wipes were by far the most useful thing I made in preparation for baby Beatrix.
When Beatrix was a few weeks old, I realized that we could certainly use more wipes (you can never have too many). And they make great gifts. Unfortunately, they’re only quick to make if you make a ton at once. Otherwise, they’re fairly labor intensive. At the time, I bought more fabric, cut the squares out, matched fronts and backs up, and sewed. I never got around to turning them right-side out, ironing them, and topstitching them closed. Yes, I realize I could cut a few of those steps out if I had a serger but I don’t have one and I’m not sure I’m willing to spend the money on one. So, to make a long story short, I turned them out and ironed them. I’ll stitch another day and maybe we’ll have more wipes before Beatrix leaves for college.

Don’t you just love the colors?
I know, I know. Their intended purpose is to wipe a baby’s butt. You needn’t remind me. I still think they’re cute.