Gift Socks

by exercisebeforeknitting

Until now, my mom and sister-in-law have been the only people on my regular sock recipient list because I know that they’ll both wear my socks. Too often, I’ve given away socks to people who think handknit socks are either too warm or too pretty to actually wear. These people are decidedly off my list. When we were in Boston, my aunt and cousin said they’d wear my socks so I promised each a pair. At least a pair, maybe more if I get them done. Here is the finished pair of Cable Twist socks for my aunt.

I started a pair of Jaywalkers for my cousin. Blogland, I am the only knitting blogger who has yet to make a pair of these. OK, well that’s a bit of a stretch but it seems like it could be true. I’m using Regia Canadian Fashion Color in #4732 (Toronto). The pattern is easy and I like watching the self-striping turn out but I’m not totally in love with the Jaywalker like some people. It’s a good pattern for this type of yarn but that’s about all I can say about it.