Cable Twist Socks v. 2.0

by exercisebeforeknitting

Well, it certainly is nice to be able to answer all of you! I’m so glad I switched to Haloscan! I’ve also added a new header banner (thanks to French Roast Design) with a few more new design elements coming soon.

Here are a few progress pictures on the Cable Twist socks. I hope to finish them this week! Johanna asked how many balls of Swish you need for a pair. I’m using 3 balls for women’s size 8 socks with a 6″ leg. I’m knitting them up on US 2s with 56 sts around. My other pair of Swish socks will probably take 4 balls, as I used a longer leg.

One class session down, 573842758345894302 more to go. So far, so good. I’m pretty excited about this particular professor. He uses CHALK. No joke. No whipping through PowerPoint slides at breakneck pace. PowerPoint for very detailed material is just worthless, in my opinion. Organic chemistry? Lots of details. There is hope.