Holiday Knitting

by exercisebeforeknitting

I hope all of you in blogland survived yesterday. We had a passable Christmas but my husband’s grandmother fell on Christmas Eve Day and broke her hip so we’ve been pretty sad about that. She’s 94 and really sharp and independent. She’s so mad at herself for falling. I hope she’ll be able to get over the anger so she can focus on recovery. She broke her other hip seven years ago and she bounced back relatively quickly so we’re pulling for her this time.

A few weeks ago, I took this sunrise picture at my grandfather’s apartment. It’s not a great picture but I love the color the light made on the white wall.

I’ve been working on a hat pattern that I’m going to call Winter Sunrise because I’m using a nice red and orange. If the hat looks good, I’ll put up the pattern. If it’s ugly, I’ll grit my teeth and rip.
I took the color work pattern from this book:

Speaking of hats, here’s a picture of Aaron’s Bea Ellis hat with the liner sewn up. I’ve read in blogland that a provisional cast on makes the liner seam easier but I think it would look funny with the color work pattern, since I would be knitting the black liner together with both black and white stitches. I didn’t want to compromise the color work so I tacked the liner up later. It seems pucker-free so I probably won’t block it.

Stay tuned for more knitting!