New Lacy Waves Sock Pattern

by exercisebeforeknitting

So I’ve been working on a sock of my own creation this week. I plan on writing up the pattern because I like the lace waves but before I do, I’ll knit up a second pair to work out any kinks. When I wrote the pattern, I thought I’d rather knit a toe-up pair but frankly, I much prefer cuff-down socks. I’ll probably include both top-down and toe-up instructions in the pattern but I’ll stick to my cuff-down patterns, thank you very much. I’ve tried so many toe-up heels and I just don’t find them as durable as any top-down heel. Here are some previews. I apologize for the lame pictures. It was dark outside and I couldn’t get great light:

I used Knit Picks Essential sock yarn for this one. You can’t really argue with KP prices but I find the quality lacking with this particular line. The yarn is awfully splitty. The fabric feels nice but I didn’t really enjoy knitting with Essential. Unfortunately, I have four more balls to use – two in dark green and two in burgundy. My other complaint about Essential is that the color, Gulfstream, looks electric blue on the website but when it arrived, it looked more blue-green. I was going for the electric effect. Maybe I’ll dye my own to get the eye-searing blue I crave. When I showed Aaron the Gulfstream ball and explained it would be for socks, he asked if they would be socks to wear outside. Yes, Mr. Neutral Tones, socks to wear in public, thank you very much.

I am somewhat amazed that I am getting so much knitting done. My graduate work is not progressing as well as I would like. I attribute this to the fact that I cannot write while nursing, but I can knit. That’s just how it’s going to be for a little while longer. You can imagine how disappointed I am about this, right?