Finished Cable Twist Socks!

by exercisebeforeknitting

Thanks to all of you who commented about my Kitchener woes. I think I’ve figured it out. Enfin! I had hoped to get my second sock done on Sunday but we had a long weekend after a certain baby got her first round of vaccinations. *sigh* Check out the second toe (on left) :

No horns! I tried the Pink Lemon Twist tutorial but I could not figure it out. I’m not really content with simply tacking those corners down when I weave in my ends as a solution to the problem. So, in the end, the horn-free toe was achieved by following Theresa’s advice about only going through the first and last stitches once. I’m quite happy with it although I have no intention of going back to re-graft the first sock. I can live with a slight imperfection!

As for the rest of the sock, look how nicely the pattern comes out. I’m totally in love with it. I used an eye of partridge heel instead of the one suggested in the pattern because I prefer the lattice look.

And now for the action shots… You can’t knit socks without trying them on in shoes, can you?
Hey, there’s nothing as cool as white socks and black shoes, right? Just kidding – these shoes were closest at hand when I was taking pictures.
In other knitting news, I’m trying out Norwegian Purl with Continental knitting. With NP, the yarn is held in back. This allegedly makes ribbing fly by. I’m intrigued. Do any of you knit and purl this way? Do you have any strong opinions about it? This will be a long term project for me because I’m so impatient and often switch back to English purl because it’s easier and faster right now. My goal is to get good enough at the Norwegian purl to abandon my old method.

Finally, I have a Secret Pal update – check out the fuzzy baby yarn and pattern from my Secret Pal! I’ll be returning to baby knitting soon – as soon as I get this sock knitting out of my system!