Second Sock Syndrome Prevention

by exercisebeforeknitting

Thanks for your all of your comments on the Cable Twist Socks! I’m really smitten with them. I’ve finished the first one and I’m halfway down the leg of the second one. It knits so quickly because the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. Even though I’m using US2 DPNs, it’s a fast knit!

My only regret with this sock is the Kitchener grafting. I love the seamless look of the toe graft but I hate how I get points that stick out at either end of the toe. Do you see them? I’ve looked up tutorials and learned the setup steps to make it look cleaner but I still see a pronounced bump on each end. Do any of you master sock knitters out there have any suggestions on how to avoid the problem?

And here’s your oh-so-exciting progress picture on the second sock:
Now that I know how quickly these knit up, I want more pairs. *sigh* I have so many baby projects that I want to start but since B. is too small for many of her existing knits, I’m going to postpone the big baby knitting projects for now.

So what next? Another pair of cable twist socks? Or the Orchid Socks from craftaholic? Or the Hedera Socks from Knitty? Carin, my secret pal from SP8, gave me some Lang Jawool that I’d like to use soon – it’s calling me. So, I guess I’ll think about what comes next while I work away on the second Cable Twist sock.

Much to my horror, I’m discovering that knitting is one of the only activities that I’m still able to do. I haven’t started back to running yet for a host of reasons. First of all, Beatrix can’t go in the jogging stroller until 4 months (another 5 weeks) because of the head support issue. The only other time I can really run (baby-free) is at 5 p.m. when Aaron gets home from work and that seems to be her fussiest time of day when nursing is the only thing that satisfies her. We walk all over town every day but walking just doesn’t clear my head the way running does. I keep assuring myself that this is a very temporary situation but it’s still hard to take.

Secondly, I honestly think my brain checked out the day I delivered. I have such a hard time reading, concentrating and remembering really important stuff! I hope this is just postpartum brain. Everyone assures me that it goes away…


I’m waiting…