Progress Pics and Pre-Frost Garden Harvest

by exercisebeforeknitting

First of all, I’ve retooled my blog a little and added lots of stuff to the sidebar. I added a link so you can subscribe to my blog feed with Bloglines so go check it out! I also moved all my links from BlogRolling to Bloglines, which is just so much nicer.

Here are some action shots of Beatrix in that Debbie Bliss jacket from Special Knits. It’s knit with Cotton-Ease – have you heard it’s coming BACK????? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited about that. Cotton-Ease was the only decent yarn Lion Brand ever made. In any case, the jacket is cute but I just can’t figure out if the collar is supposed to stand up or fold over. It’s a little awkward, as you can see.

Here is a progress pic on the pink tank dress I’m working on. My knitting group met yesterday so I got lots more knitting done than I normally would have!

Finally, I thought I’d post some non-knitting pictures. I try to keep non-knitting content (NKC) to a minimum but I’m throwing in some garden pics. We had our first hard frost last week so Aaron harvested all the green tomatoes he could. I wonder how long it will take them to ripen? We have four window sills full of them – enough for one last batch of spaghetti sauce.

The second picture is from the garden before everything died. Can anyone identify this??? It looks like a really, really, really well-fed green caterpillar munching away my tomato plants but WHAT are those nasty white things? Larvae of some sort, I assume… From the caterpillar or some other bug? Any gardeners out there?