Digital Camera Vacation

by exercisebeforeknitting

The camera is on vacation in San Francisco this weekend so I only have one picture for you. I’ve finished up a lot of UFOs this week but alas! I have no proof. Aaron comes home on Monday night so I’ll post lots of pictures on Tuesday.

For starters, I was working on finishing the brownish green baby hoodie when I went to my knitting group last week but I suddenly RAN OUT OF YARN! Eek! I had more at home but what was a knitter to do? With the LYS only a few doors down from the cafe, I bought yarn! I only had the hoodie pattern with me so I started another one. I’ve actually pulled out the graph paper on this project and altered the pattern quite a bit. I think by the next time, I’ll have an entirely new pattern!!!

In any case, here it is (minus the hood) in Cascade 220 wool. Yes, wool. I’m not opposed to using wool on baby stuff if the garment will be more of a jacket than a sweater. I will not wash a sweater by hand. I will wash a jacket by hand. Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain it but it makes sense in my head. đŸ™‚

I also tried to get rid of some small partial skeins of Cotton-Ease so I’ve made a few baby hats. I wish I had a good pattern for baby hats. Mine are all Debbie Bliss and, as I’ve said before on this blog, her patterns are always too big. When I knit a hat for a newborn, I don’t want it to be baggy until the kid reaches 6 mos. The only knit hat that I have for this baby that looks like it will fit a newborn is the really cool one from my Secret Pal. I’m going to have to buy some Cascade Fixation. The stretchiness must be the key to hats that fit. Any opinions out there? I’d love to hear them!

Until Tuesday, happy knitting!