by exercisebeforeknitting

Well, I’m BACK! After 8 days of visiting family and 4 days of driving, I am *so* happy to be home. It was so hard to maintain a vegan diet with my family that eats out all the time and my dad who doesn’t recognize vegetables. Often times, while we were on the Cape, the best I could do was a garden salad with iceberg lettuce. In the end, I caved. I consumed dairy products and dealt with the stomach ache. I’m sure I was a *wonderful* travel companion… Needless to say, I hit the grocery store as soon as we came home and made a huge vegan, vegetable-filled meal. It was wonderful. The Cape was the only real problem. I had a great time when we stayed with my aunt and uncle in Boston. I wish we could have only gone to Boston and avoided Cape Cod altogether!

I didn’t really get much knitting done, in spite of the fact that we spent four full days in the car. It was hot and I was cranky – those are not good knitting conditions! I was also disappointed to realize that the day I had planned to stop by WEBS was a Sunday and the store was closed. Argh! If only we had arrived in Massachusetts a few hours earlier – I could have hit their tent sale! Oh well – my bank account was saved.

I’ve been assessing my UFOs and I realize that I simply must finish something soon! I cannot stand having this many ongoing projects! Here’s the inventory:

Remember this tank? Well, the neck is too small. I didn’t realize it until after I sewed the shoulders together. I was so frustrated by this neckline that I put the project down. I am committed to finishing it this summer if it kills me.

A few weeks ago, I picked up some Peruvian Sierra Aran for $0.25/ball at a yard sale. I’ve turned it into my favorite baby hoodie. It’s a garter stitch pattern from Phildar. I’m woriking on the sleeves and then the hood will be the only remaining piece. Please excuse its wrinkled appearance. It was folded up in my knitting bag.

Here is a second hoodie that I started about two months ago. It uses the same pattern but the knitting is slower because I’m knitting it in seed stitch instead of garter stitch with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in white.

Next, I have a mini clapotis going using some cheap, washable cotton from TLC. I usually dislike Red Heart-like yarn but TLC makes a really good cotton called TLC Cotton Plus that feels great and is both washable and cheap. It’s not as nice as Lion Brand Cotton-Ease but I prefer how it knits up.

Finally, SOCKS! Remember how I said I was craving knit socks? After a day of knitting socks in the car, I’m not really craving knit socks any more! I’ll finish these over the summer but it might take me all summer. It’s a nice pattern but I can’t seem to memorize it so I have to carry a card around with me with the basic openwork instructions.