After wrestling with photos and Blogger, I’m think…

by exercisebeforeknitting

After wrestling with photos and Blogger, I’m thinking of hosting my blog elsewhere. I have lots of pictures to post but I keep getting Blogger timeout errors. Stay tuned for updates. There might be a URL change in my future.

A million thank yous to my wonderful SP7, Jody!!!! She sent me a beautiful final package with skin cream, pretty sticky notes, a really cool pen that glows in the dar, candy and, of course, yarn. 🙂 🙂 I really enjoyed my first SP experience and I’m planning on joining SP8. I hope all of you SPers had a good time this round!

I’m just going to link to the pictures I have on my Flickr account so I apologize for a boring text-only post. When I read blogs, I usually look at the pictures first and start reading only if a picture catches my eye. I know, that means I’m really shallow. Agreed. I’m a sucker for pictures.

Over my spring break a few weeks ago, I made a bunch of maternity clothes and used up some fabric scraps for cloth diapers (more here and here). I found a pattern for an all-in-one diaper at One Stop Diaper Shop a few years ago when I was working on one for a cousin. I bought PUL waterproof fabric, birdseye cotton and flannel for the diapers and used fabric remnants for interesting exteriors. I’m really happy with how they turned out. I still have some finishing to do. I can’t decide if I want to use snaps or velcro. Any strong opinions out there in blogland?

Also, I’ve put down a little baby cardigan (another view here) that I think is cute but I suspect the sleeves are too long. I put a lot of work into this because of those edges (gauge is 7sts/in on sz 4 – picking up all of those stitches was such a pain!) I don’t know if I can knit the second sleeve and sew the whole thing up. I need some distance from the project so I’ve put it down for now.

Here is a finished newborn tank. I might take the neckline out and add a button tab to make sure the neck hole is big enough for a newborn’s head. We’ll see.

Finally, I’ve returned to one of my favorite patterns. It is so unbelievably simple but I just love it. It’s a garter stitch hooded jacket from Phildar Layette Fall 2004. I’m making it out of white Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and using seed stitch instead of garter stitch.