by exercisebeforeknitting

No pictures today, as I haven’t much to show for myself. I’M DONE WITH FINALS! Yay. I don’t even care how I did – I’m just happy it’s over. I had a very heavy courseload this semester so it’s a relief to be done.

I’m at the heel of a red and green striped pair of top-down socks. I thought they would be cool stripes but the sock looks more like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. *sigh* I probably won’t give these as a present because I don’t know anyone that’s really into Dr. Seuss socks so I’ll probably keep them. I have no pride. I’ll wear red and green striped socks.

I saw these labels last year but I forgot to bookmark them. Check them out for your holiday gift knitting. The only thing I don’t like is that all of the labels are for Christmas with red and green all over. None for birthdays or other gifts. They can’t be hard to make in Photoshop. Maybe I’ll bribe my husband with cookies to make me some personalized labels. That sounds very Surrendered Wife of me so I apologize, but he does that for a living and frankly, I like making cookies. 🙂

In response to some emails, the Lapland Mittens are from Folk Mittens. The fingerless mitts are from Weekend Knitting but you can find similar patterns for the fingerless mittens if you google them. I’ve seen lots of cute freebie patterns for them.

I’m planning a new brioche hat but I’ve found a better crown shaping method at Tipper’s blog. Her version is cleaner than Melanie Falick’s and looks much easier. So FYI, if you start a brioche hat, go get Tipper’s quick and dirty crown shaping!